Destress Yourself with USB Aroma Leaf

So far, I think stress has become my best friend. For the past year, I’ve been working in a job where  the demand for exemplary results really takes a toll on you and your physical ... Continue Reading →

Gurapika Emergency Earthquake Warning Radio & Flashlight: Always Be Prepared

My last article mentioned flooding, so while we’re at it, let’s talk calamities. One of the major calamities that affect Japan, and the entire “Ring of Fire”, ... Continue Reading →

Influenza Saver Ultraviolet Sterilizer

I don’t know with you guys but if you’re living in a country that’s constantly flooded every time it rains, then this cool gadget I found could be one of your line ... Continue Reading →

The Art of The Geisha

  One of the most intriguing aspects of Japanese culture are Geisha. Other countries may view them in a negative aspect, when in fact, they are actually traditional Japanese female ... Continue Reading →

Elecom Compact Powered Speaker ASP-SMP100L

Just last night, during a sudden, unplanned supposed movie marathon, one of my friends asked me, “Do you have a speaker with you?”. Well, what do you know, of course I don’t ... Continue Reading →

Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty Skin Sag Face Stretcher

Here’s something to watch out for, for the beauty conscious out there(I should inform my mother about this!)–the Facewaver Exercise Mask Beauty Skin Sag Face Stretcher! They ... Continue Reading →

NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries

I wonder how long it will take before all other companies replicate the amazing NoPoPo Eco Water-powered AA Batteries??? Yes, I know you’re wondering what could be so amazing ... Continue Reading →

Gomiba Go Remote Control Garbage: The Ultimate Sloth Tool

Alright. I don’t usually tolerate laziness but this can be one exception. I’m not exactly a clean freak but I do like to clear out the clutter especially when my mind is ... Continue Reading →

CHOCO DONUT CAMERA: The Perfect Gadget Disguise

  We can’t deny it but there’s a lot of danger that comes with having your gadgets with you all the time. You can try to conceal it in a small bag or a secret pocket, ... Continue Reading →

Japanese Tea Ceremony: Not Your Ordinary Tea Pouring

  Some may not understand the complexity of it all, as drinking tea, for other countries, may be just the simple act of placing a teabag in a cup of hot water, dunking it a few ... Continue Reading →